Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Wishlist Wednesday

Created by Pen to Paper
Each week we will share a book that has been recently added to our wishlist or has been on it for ages. A book I can't wait to add to my shelf. 
I've been working on my ebook wishlist. I have so many potential amazing books that I want to read. 

The Academy theme I'm starting to see more and more of. 

Manicures and Mayhem
by Kim Faulks and Mila Young
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Welcome to Beautiful Beasts Academy, where the only thing more dangerous than the haunted grounds are the students themselves.

Life as the daughter of the city’s most prominent Vampire was tough enough. 

Bodyguards with fangs. 

Paparazzi everywhere I turn. 

Dates with an overbearing Demon. 

I hated it all. So when the opportunity to attend Academy reared its head, I jumped at the chance. 

I could hide there, blend in with all the other beautiful beasts and try to ignore my bodyguard.

I wanted normal

I craved boring. 

But fate has a shitty sense of humor, way worse than mine. 

So when I find a body in the middle of my bedroom on my first night there...I’m not threatened not with death...something worse. 

Getting expelled.

And to prove my innocence I have to find the real killer in a school full of monsters. 
What's on your Wishlist?

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