Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book Review: Magical Acts

Title - Magical Acts
Author - Michele Bardsley 
Genre - Shifter Romance
Published - June 15th 2016
Format - Kindle 
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Otherworldly to-do list: 1. Save mage. 2. Find missing queen. 3. Avoid certain death. 

Who knew there was a portal to another world in Keister, Oklahoma? Not disgraced blogger Susan Etherbee, who moves to the small town to live on the farm she's inherited from a distant relative. Her life was in shambles anyway, why not sequester herself in the middle of nowhere and become a cat lady? 

Then Susan finds an odd skeleton sky in an antique desk. The note attached says, "Opens attic." What the hell. But when she opens the door, she finds herself in the strange and beautiful world of mage Auron Tarlett. He immediately mistakes her for an assassin named Sage and drags her into a rescue mission that will ultimately determine both their fates.
Natalie doesn’t go out much and isn’t into socializing much, she’s in love with the man in her favorite book Magical Acts. While taking a little break she gets a little chance to read and has an encounter with a blonde stranger who is gone just as fast. Deciding to take a risk Natalie ventures into a magic shop which has a key that captures her eye, and when she get’s a deal she has to buy the key. Little did she know that when she takes the key home it would lead her into the fantasy world of her favorite book. will Natalie be able to save her mage before time runs out?

I like Natalie she’s a sweet girl with a good heart who just loves her book boyfriend which I’m sure a lot of us will be able to relate too. I also like Auron he’s equally as sweet who didn’t know the woman he thought he was in love with was really an evil witch who wants to get revenge against his father who was supposed to marry her. Thankfully someone was looking out for Auron and helped him find someone to break the curse she just isn’t from his world. 

I admit the cover is what captured my attention, so I had to give it a shot. I enjoyed the sweet yet steamy romance between Natalie and Auron it’s unique and fun to see a reader get a happy ever after with her man from her favorite book. I’m a little confused by reading the synopsis and feel like I missed something because this story is only about Natalie and Auron, and I have a feeling that another story exists somewhere. While the book starts off with a steamy scene it’s actually a little back story which helps understand what’s happened to our hero. I enjoyed the story it was a little short and I did feel the steamy moments could be overwhelming. This is my first book by the author and I’m looking forward to checking out her other books. 

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  1. This book sounds absolutely magical! Glad to see that you enjoyed it! Happy Thanksgiving! :)
    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog