Sunday, March 6, 2016

S & S Book Review: Taming a Bear

Title - Taming a Bear
Author - Stella Bryce
Series - Moon Seduction
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Published - April 30th 2014
Format - Kindle Freebie
(Complete story, no cliffhangers!) Anna Brentwood isn't your average fox. She’s smart, sassy, plus-size, and stubborn. The rare red moon is coming and Anna is afraid her primal urges will betray her, like Matt Stryker once did. He shattered her heart, leaving her to pick up the pieces alone. 

Matt knows Anna is his chosen one, and will do anything to get back in her good graces. Anna is his only need and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her over. Only Bunny St. James, local reporter and sexy rabbit, has other plans for Matt. She’s had her eyes on Matt for longer than she’s willing to admit. 

Can Anna and Matt find love again? Or will Bunny’s wicked scheming change everyone’s fate? When Matt’s bear comes out, his primal beast must decide what he truly wants and needs. His human knows…but his bear will make the final decision. Seductive pleasures await you in a heated romance. “Taming a Bear: Not Your Average Fox” is a BBW shape shifter romance story that will captivate your imagination and enchant your heart. (Complete short story...No cliffhanger) 
Anna and Matt had chemistry but things went south when he breaks it off with Anna heading after Bunny on the night of the red moon. Little did Anna know that it was a cover for a secret that would put her at risk and that he couldn’t divulge to her. A year has passed and Matt is more determined than ever to win back the only woman he loves. Only Anna has been hurt before by Matt even though she loves him she’s not willing to risk the heartache again.

I like Anna she’s not your typical heroine but a curvy girl with a little more to love and it doesn’t change the way Matt feels about her. I wasn’t sure about Matt at first but he earned some redemption as we learned the real reason it was broken off with Anna. While Anna may be pushing away it’s clear that the chemistry between the two is hot.

I’ve not read a lot of bear shifter romance novels until recently and I’ve become a quick fan of them. The concept for the Red Moon which make all the shifters act like horny teenagers was an interesting spin on the shifter concept. I like the fact that the shifters didn’t choose mates by species but by who they really felt was the one so we ended up with fox and bears. The characters are easy to connect with I felt myself taking Anna’s side right from the start but it all works out in the end. I think Taming a Bear is perfect for someone craving a quick shifter steamy romance. 

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