2018 Challenges

2018 Challenges

I failed most of 2017 challenges. I'm hoping 2018 will be my year, and I'm picking out a bunch of fun ones that I know I'll be able to do. 

Blogger Shame
I'm terrible at this and have gotten really bad over the last 6 months. My review pile has grown leaps and bounds. Hoping this will be the perfect challenge to help me catch up. 
Check out my progress (Here)

Blog All About It 
This one is a month prompt challenge with each month having a new prompt. I'm looking forward to giving this one a shot. 
Check out my progress (Here)

All About The Trope Challenge 
This one is amazing. The goal is to read a trope but since I'm a nut I want to do two. I do after all have two I'm slightly addicted to. 
My goal is 15 of each. 
Billionaire Romance
Reverse Harems
Check out my progress (here)

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