Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Blogging Challenge

Summer Blogging Challenge 
Created right here at The Reading Diaries 

I took part in a summer blogging challenge last year that was a lot of fun. I love the idea of having theme prompts but felt that more than 2 days a week was to much.

Day 3 - 5 

I had such a busy week last week I just didn't get the time to blog like I had planned. I've been working hard at planning posts ahead but it was so busy I'm behind. I should be ahead the rest of the summer 

Day 3 is What's on your summer bucket list
I had intended to make one but I didn't get around to it just yet. I'll share it on Thursday because I'm going to make one right now. 

Day 4 is Favorite Beverage 
This one is easy it's always going to be coffee from hot to cold I can drink it all day long in any kind of weather. Currently I have an amaretto latte which is so yummy. As the weather is expected to be warm I'm planning on brewing up some coffee for iced coffee later and might make some coffee icecubes. 

 Day 5 What's your weather currently?
It's beautiful outside and hopefully it will stay nice and cool outside. 

Feel free to join in one day two days or the whole summer. 


  1. This is a neat idea! I might have to come back to this tomorrow and start joining in too. I love doing things like this and it's always fun to read other people's! Iced coffee is the best. I keep meaning to make some coffee ice cubes but I always forget haha.

    1. I would love to read your posts. I always say I'm going to make them but I never do. I should go do that. I think it's always fun to have a prompt to write about every now and than.