Friday, May 11, 2012

Book Review: Memoir of a Mermaid: When, at last, he found me. (Book #1)

Title - When, At Last, He Found Me
Author Adrianna Stepiano
Series - Book 1 in the Memoir of a Mermaid Series
Genre - YA Fanatsy
Published January 29th 2012

Seraphin Shedd can’t seem to escape the murky vision of her father’s death. She’s always felt like his death was a result of her defiant actions. When she meets Joseph Merrick, the nephew of her beloved teacher, her life begins to unravel. When Joseph opens her eyes to the impossible, her trust begins to waver. Is his interest in her purely for personal gain or will he prove to be a loyal friend? Follow along as Seraphin uncovers her true identity as well as discovers the evil surrounding her father’s death.

If you love mermaids, this is the young adult fantasy novel for you. See the raging sea through Seraphin’s eyes and struggle to make sense of the impossible. This isn’t an ordinary mermaid story, the mystery is as deep as the ocean. You’ll find intrigue and romance, as well as a dash of humor and action.

Caution: Memoir of a Mermaid has been known to cause “up all night reading” and “can’t put down syndrome”. You may find yourself addicted to the tension between Joseph and Seraphin. Due to the fact that this book is all you’ll be able to think about, do not begin reading the night before an important meeting or a final exam. The story will literally be swimming around in your head.

Excerpt: “Looking back, sometimes things are better off unknown. Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie and being naive is a blessing in disguise. From that moment on, it was going to be difficult to distinguish between being protected and being lied to.”

I had the pleasure of getting a copy from Adrianna Stepiano.
The story is about Seraphin a normal typical high school outcast. She suffered the loss of her father as a girl and grandmother before she graduated from high school. She is prone to blacking out when she gets stressed upset like a defense mechanism. When her beloved science teacher goes missing it's up to Seraphin to find out what happened to her, she has several run in ins with Joseph the nephew of her teach but never seems to get the answer she wants. She takes a job working for CORE the science research group. Her first missing out on the water finders her thrown off the ship as it sinks in a storm. Here is where she learns about who she really is that she's a mermaid, that Joseph is also a mermaid. She learns her whole life was a lie, she also learns that the neighborhood that she grew up in is full of mermaid like beings. Through the story Seraphin has to deal with being a mermaid, and a guardian of the ocean to boot. She still hunts for her teacher Ms.Z but it ends up not being so much of priority.

I was super excited this is my first Mermaid book, so I had some pretty big exceptions, and I feel like the book was better then I expected. I love the characters, they are so well developed you can't help loving them and instantly rooting for them. They are described so well I could picture them, even when they had tails. I found myself unable to put it down, it just sucked me to the point I couldn't get enough. It's got the twist of romance too which is a big plus. I enjoyed the ending it gave me exactly what I needed for it to end. This book has given me a new perspective on mermaid books, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I can't express how much I really loved this book. I think I told my hubby that like ten times already as I write this. It's just a well written book that keeps you interested.

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