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RELEASE BLITZ - Rogue by Michele Mannon

Title: Rogue
Series: Deadliest Lies #1
Author: Michele Mannon
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: August 6, 2020

When I first laid eyes on him, I should have run the other way.

Trouble was written all over him, from the confident swagger in his stride and seductive curl of his lips, to his smug, knowing looks. Jaxson was irresistible . . .and I fell hard. 

Then he was killed. 

Now the ruthless, unforgiving boss of an underworld organization thinks I did it.  

I’ve gone rogue, hell-bent on both revenge and redemption. Whatever it takes, I'm going to finish a job that began nine months ago. An unauthorized assignment that turned horribly, devastatingly wrong. My miscalculation. My fault. My heart left shattered into incomplete pieces which will never wholly fit back together again. 

But first I have to outsmart the hired killer they've sent after me; a killer who knows my every move, who’s been inside my head, who owns my heart. 

I'm the traitor, Kylie. The rogue mercenary. His newest assignment.  

And this is our love story. 

*Rogue was previously released by St. Martin's Press. This edition has been updated and revised.*

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Kylie - Shelby, Oklahoma
I hit the roadway, running hard and headed toward the far side of town.
Clouds roll in. Figures I left our house filled with determination only to trek back home wet and weary. Beyond weary. Tired. So bleeding tired of fighting battles no twenty-three-year-old should ever face. But these are the cards I’ve been dealt.
I’m so preoccupied with the downpour of troubles that seem to accompany the downpour of rain, I ignore the black sedan and the gravel it’s kicked up as it passes by me. Dismiss the red glare of its taillights, faintly visible through the rain. Pay no heed to how the sedan is backing up as quickly as it’d sped by me.
Too late, I stop and gesture wildly at them to continue on.
Then everything but the rain seems to pause. 
The blond hairs on my arms stand at attention. It’s like being swept into a cloud of darkness, where for a split second everything is calm before all hell breaks loose. But I’m a native Oklahoman, where tornados crop up like spring daffodils. Where quick thinking and survival know-how are the name of the game.
I take off running back toward town, then pivoting on my heels, burst into a withering wheat field bordering the road.
Stalks swat my face. Mud covers my sneakers and splashes up my legs. My mind spurs on my tired body. “Faster. Go faster.” I slip and slide but am abruptly grabbed by the waistline and hauled up off my feet. 
Gritting my teeth, I send my right elbow and left heel backward. Both connect hard, into my captor’s jaw and junk trunk. 
He drops me. “You goddamn bitch,” I hear, but faintly. My legs are already in motion.
A different man grasps onto my arm. I turn and, using the momentum from my spin, aim the heel of my palm up into the tender flesh beneath his nose. 
Blood spurts out of it like a lawn sprinkler. I’ve broken the second guy’s nose and ruined his faded white T-shirt. Before he can grab me, I dash into the thickest, healthiest crop of stalks, which better conceals me. 
But it slows my progress. My sense of direction is distorted. If it’d been a clear night, the stars would guide me to safety. Today’s nothing except another miserable Shelby day. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I become. Really? After the day I’ve had? It’s barely past seven a.m. and two Shelby goons decide I’m their next source of amusement.
The only victim I am is one of circumstance.
In the morning before classes—every morning except Tuesdays, that is—I catch the bus to Dayton’s Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Club. Sticking my nose in a book used to be my thing. But I can’t concentrate; I’ve lost the simple pleasures in life. Now I get my kicks by kicking ass. I’m a natural, or so my trainers tell me. Comes in handy when dealing with the Shelbian riffraff. Still, the odds are against me. Two men to my one woman.
I pick up the pace, ignoring the sting as the stalks smack my face, arms, legs. It’s difficult to hear anything besides the rain. Have they given up? Has my perfectly aimed cock-kick and a broken nose discouraged them? Caused them to move on to a less-pissed-off victim?
The answer comes in the form of a solid wall of muscle, which I realize too late that I’ve run right into it. On contact, the man’s chest flexes beneath my breasts. I jerk back, but instead of glaring up at him, my eyes are drawn to the little green horse embroidered onto his pale pink polo shirt. A jockeyless pony situated on the upper swell of what is the tightest, brawniest, most muscular display of pecs around, the tight pull of his shirt across his chest leaving nothing to the imagination.
I want to press my thumb against that pony, make sure my girls got it right. Except this man isn’t one of Dayton’s gym jockeys . . .
I bring my knee up, aiming for his privates. He laughs and neatly sidesteps me, so my knee connects with his hard, chino-clad thigh. Pain jolts through my leg and up my spine. I grit my teeth, pissed off and slightly unnerved. I send an elbow up toward his jaw. This move’s brought many a man to his knees, but he swats my elbow away. I feel his control, his power. And I know I’m in trouble.
“What are you going to pull next, fireball? Hit me over the head with that loaf of bread?” he asks, his tone deep, rich like chocolate, smooth like truffles. His voice is amused. His words grate on my nerves. 
Run, common sense tells me. Stay, a recklessly rogue thought pops into my head. 
I reluctantly drop my loaf of Texas toast. He’s folded his arms across his chest, obscuring the little pony beneath his muscular arms. I stare at the spot, wondering why a preppy like him is after me. “What do you want?” My eyes skim upward and I’m greeted by smug, self-assured tilt of his lips. You, his smile seems to say. I want you.
I’m tall at five feet nine, lithe and long-legged. This man’s chin can rest on my head. A perfectly shaped chin, accompanied by high cheekbones, an aquiline nose, and as my gaze flickers across his face, deliciously full, kissable lips. He’s fair, like me. Except he’s sporting a fine line of five-o’clock shadow.
His jaw-dropping good looks snag my attention. But it’s the energy between us that knocks the wind out of me. Sexual magnetism. It’s like the air’s supercharged, undergoing some kind of chemical reaction, hot and bubbly and ready to explode. And, as that lazy smile of his broadens,
I feel my body physically responding . . . what the hell? “What do you want?” I repeat, in a hoarse tone. Far too affected by him than I care to admit. He makes a sound deep within his throat and I swear the crotch of my shorts are instantly wet.“
"To see if what your T-shirt says is true.
I glance down.
CAN'T CATCH ME. Oh shit.

Author Bio

Michele Mannon has been writing romance since her first publication in 2012. A multiple recipient of Romantic Times Magazine’s prestigious TOP PICKS distinction, Michele’s books always pack a punch, leaving readers laughing out loud, or swooning and biting their fingernails at all the appropriate times.  

To date, she’s written contemporary sports and spicy, enemies-to-lovers romances with a heavy dose of suspense. Her books have been sold in print, digitally, and on Audible.  

Michele lives on a mountain overlooking the Delaware River, where she can be found with a glass of Riesling in her hand and a laptop on her lap. Find her online at:

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RELEASE BLITZ - Corruption by Leigh Lennon

Title: Corruption
Series: Dungeon Elite #2
Author: Leigh Lennon
Genre: BDSM Romance
Release Date: August 6, 2020

His hands and his commanding nature are all I want in this life I’ve chosen for myself. Everyone thinks they know what’s best for me. I’m a preacher’s daughter, but it doesn’t mean I’m innocent. But, there’s only one man I want, and he doesn’t do long term relationships. When another shows interest in me, he fights for me. I want nothing more than to be his submissive. I will always submit to him because it’s Maddox—the only man I’ve ever wanted.
She’s a preacher’s daughter and innocent in every way that matters. When I take the very last of her innocence, I let her go because I don’t commit. But, she’s embedded herself into my heart, and I can’t let her go. When another threatens to take her from me, I do anything and everything in my power to make her mine. My heart was frozen solid until I met her—loving her has changed me because she’ll always be the exception to all my rules.

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He pulls my hair from my face, and I attempt to open my eyes. He’s in front of me; his hand on one strand of my hair that he pulls behind my ear. In his expression is the sorrowful countenance. His lips are downturned, but his eyes gaze at my own. “Fuck, I don’t think it’s broken, but—”

I cut him off because I couldn't care less about my face right now. “Why were you looking for me, Maddox?” I ask, and it’s the first time I call him by his name, and not sir or master.

“Precious, let me look at this first.”

I pull back and wince at the pain as his arm falls from my face. “No, you were so anxious to get to me, so tell me why you were looking for me. And while you’re at it, why don’t you tell me why you’d come out and watch us tonight of all nights?”

I’m never this mouthy. I’ve been taught to respect authority, and I’m not sure why I’m letting it out on him right now of all days. Actually, it doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to figure it out. My father is ruling my life. I found someone worth giving everything to, and he rejects me, only to interrupt what could be a decent man in my life. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

“Are you sure you are a submissive?” he asks with an arrogant smirk on his face.

“I’m tired of everyone thinking they know what’s best for me. That’s what I’m sick and tired of.”

He hangs his head, placing his hand on my knee. “I’m not good for you. I really am not.”

Pushing my chair back, I release myself from his touch. “And, yes, you’ve made me painfully aware of this more than once. So, now that you broke my face, and thank you very much for that, I’ll grab my phone and be on my way.”

I attempt to stand but fall in my chair when he pulls his seat closer to me. “But here’s the thing, my precious gem,” he begins, lacing my fingers with his. “I don’t want to let you go. It’s the right thing to do, but when have I ever done what’s right?”

It’s my turn to drop my head as he says the words I’ve been wanting for so long. “Am I too late, my precious gem? Am I too late to claim you as mine?”

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Author Bio

Leigh Lennon is mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.

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COVER REVEAL - Fierce by Tracy Lorraine

Title: Fierce
Series: Rosewood High #4
Author: Tracy Lorraine
Genre: YA/NA High School Bully Romance
Release Date: August 20, 2020


Everyone thinks they know me… but they’re wrong.

Fearless on the outside— a lie.

I’m a fraud, hiding behind a mask of perfection. My reality very different.

The captain. The leader. The Queen Bee.

None of it real— all just an illusion.

Perception is everything and I use it to get what I want, when I want, refusing to let anyone stand in my way.

Until he shows me that he’s not the man I expected. He’s not just the quiet one... the innocent one.

But the one to finally tear away the mask and look beneath the surface. The only one who sees me, gets me, challenges me.

He’s already changed my life in a way I never expected.

My secret could make us or break us, but I know one thing for sure... I’ll protect it fiercely.

That’s the real me. Chelsea Fierce.

The girl behind the mask with everything to lose.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

Tracy Lorraine is a M/F and M/M contemporary romance author. Tracy recently-ish turned thirty and lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, daughter and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up and hasn’t looked back since.

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COVER REVEAL - Play to Win by Ja'Nese Dixon

Title: Play to Win
A Southern Gentleman Series Novel
Author: Ja'Nese Dixon
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Dana Pittman
Photo: Lindee Robinson Photography
Model: Jonathan Holloway
Release Date: August 20, 2020


Kamals an ex-football player. Jaydas a single mother uninterested in another relationship until she sees Kamal with her daughter.

Every rejection will only make his victory sweeter. He plans to lick, taste, and devour her like the delicacy she is until the world, her ex, and Jayda recognize his name tatted on every inch of her curvy body.

Kamal never plays by halves, and Jayda has a thing or two to show this deviously handsome player. But when the past runs an interference, theyll learn in matters of the heart there are no rules.

USA Today Bestseller, Ja'Nese Dixon writes tales of romance laced with strong women, stronger men, and family values that based on more than blood. Her happily ever afters are written to inspire. So, if you’re looking for a page turner that will leave you blushing, with your heart racing, and lying to yourself about reading “just one more chapter” then grab one of the authors twenty-something books.

Ja'Nese is an avid reader and coffee drinker living in Houston, TX with her husband, three adult children, and her spoiled diva dog. Want to learn more? Join her newsletter and get exclusive reads, all the inside details, and a first look at what's to come at

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COVER REVEAL - Run Baby Run by Margot Scott

 Title: Run Baby Run
Series: Daddy Loves You #1 
Author: Margot Scott
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance Novella
Release Date: August 20, 2020

I never thought I’d fall for a man like Jonah. A former cop has no business being with someone like me, a lonely unwanted girl with no address or family.
But for some reason, he wants to take care of me.
When I needed a place to stay he opened his doors, and as soon as I stepped inside, it felt like home. For the first time in my life, I feel safe enough to stop running.
He wants to give me a second childhood, better than the one I've known.
A chance to be the little girl I've always been in my heart.
Jonah's baby girl.

Daddy's angel...

Introducing book one in the Daddy Loves You Series from Margot Scott. This new series is bursting at the seams with fast and filthy age-gap instalove. Absolutely NO cheating or cliffhangers, with a guaranteed HEA!

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I have just enough time to jump in the shower when I get home before my sister calls to reaffirm the night’s plans.
“For the tenth time, Mare, yes, the room is ready.” I set my phone to speaker and toss it on the bed, then focus on toweling off.
“I’m just making sure,” Mary says. “Now, don’t be surprised if Teagan doesn’t respond to you at first. Let her get a feel for the place, but be straight about the ground rules. If she pushes back, be firm, but not too firm."
"Not too firm. Got it." I scrunch the water from my hair, then wrap the towel around my waist.
"I’m just saying, go easy on her. And try to come home around the same time over the next few days if you can. It’ll give her a sense of structure."
“Is this the speech you give to all your prospective foster parents?”
“More or less,” she says.
I grab a pair of boxers from the dresser drawer, then do a quick check in the bedroom mirror and contemplate breaking out my trimmer. Hands down, the best thing about civilian life has been growing my hair out. On my head, for sure, but especially my beard.
"Mare, you told me she wasn't a kid."
"She's not a kid."
"Then I'm not going to treat her like one. If she can’t be trusted to operate the microwave without supervision, she’s gonna have to find a new arrangement.” I snag a pair of jeans and a clean black tee shirt from my closet. “I thought you guys were heading over after work.”
“We are, as soon as she gets here.”
“She’s late?”
“She’ll be here,” Mary says, but it comes out sounding like she’s trying to convince herself.
I take advantage of the lull in conversation to get dressed. Figures the kid would take her sweet time now that she doesn’t have to scramble. I busted enough girls like Teagan on the force to know all their cheap excuses before they spout ‘em. If she thinks she can force the rest of us to bend to her timetable, she’s in for a rude awakening.
“Hey, Jonah... Try not to scare her, okay?”
I pause in the middle of pulling on my shirt. “Why the hell would I scare her?”
“I just mean, try to look harmless. As much as you can.”
I have to laugh. At six-foot-four and two hundred twenty pounds of muscle, I cut an intimidating silhouette. Don't think just because I was injured that I can't still kick ass and take names when the situation calls for it. I walk with a slight limp that's more pronounced when I'm barefoot, but I can run and jog in fierce bursts before the pain catches up. Regular workouts help prevent muscle tightness, so I make sure to get in weights and cardio most days of the week. My doctor says I'm in the best shape of my life.
“She’s here,” Mary says. “We’ll be there soon, after we pick up the cake.”
“What cake?” I ask, but she’s already ended the call.
I head down the hall to the guestroom where Teagan will be staying. It’s a great room with a queen-sized bed, a nice view of the backyard, and plenty of light during the day. The entire house is designed to impress. I often invite potential clients over to see it, to get a feel for the kind of work my contracting firm’s capable of.
I wait for Mary and the reluctant new addition to my household downstairs in the kitchen. When I hear the rumble of a car engine, I get up and open the front door. Mary climbs the steps with a store-bought birthday cake in her arms.
“Where is she?” I ask, taking the cake from her.
My sister glances back at the car. “Just give her a minute.”
I bring the cake into the kitchen where I set it on the table. When I return, I’m stunned to find an angel in my foyer dressed in denim cutoffs and a white tank top.
"Teagan, I’d like you to meet my brother, Jonah Parkes. Jonah, this is Teagan Moss.”
I’m speechless. My sister had said the girl was pretty, but pretty doesn’t even come close.
She’s drop-dead fucking gorgeous.
Honey-blonde hair frames her face and falls in loose waves around her shoulders. Her wide doll eyes are a deep chocolate brown, and I’m so fucking grateful that she refuses to meet my gaze, because it means I can stare at her without making her uncomfortable. She has the poutiest lips I’ve ever seen, and though it’s the last place my mind has any right to go, I can’t help picturing those soft pink lips stretched around my cock.
Forget firm. I’m already rock fucking hard for this girl.
“Good to meet you,” I rasp, my voice thick.
Teagan nods, still refusing to look at me. It’s for the best. I slide my hand into my pocket to pin the monster down. I’m a big guy with a dick to match, and the last thing I want to do is scare the living hell out of her.
“Why don’t you show Teagan her new room while I get out some plates,” Mary says.
“Sure,” I say. “Follow me.” I head for the staircase. When I glance back to make sure she’s following, she’s closer than I expect, close enough to reach out and pinch a lock of golden hair between my fingers if I wanted to—and goddamn, do I want to.
I want to do a hell of a lot more than that.
Teagan’s eyes meet mine for the briefest of seconds, and a second is all it takes for me to come completely undone. All of my reservations about sharing my house with this girl dissolve into dust. Teagan isn’t going anywhere. Not in a week, not in a million years. My home is hers now. My house, my arms, my bed—especially my bed.
Fuck, I’m already thinking of her as mine and I haven’t even touched her yet.

Author Bio
Margot Scott is an erotic romance author who likes long nails and short, sexy reads, rainbow sprinkles on vanilla ice cream, and rainy days spent in bed with her furbabies. When she’s not writing forbidden love stories about bearded older men, you can find her browsing Pinterest for pictures of pink things.
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COVER REVEAL - Courage by J.L. Drake

Title: Courage
Series: Blackstone #4
Author: J.L. Drake
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Designs
Photo: Golden Czermak, FuriousFotog
Model: Andrew James
Release Date: October 15, 2020

Blackstone is at it again. We’re chasing down the cartel, but this time, the tables have been flipped on us.

Members of Team North Rock are being plucked off one by one. The race to understand what is happening can be the difference between life and death.

My position at Blackstone requires a clear head, and yet the stress and guilt I carry are affecting my concentration. But after what happened to my sister and the situation I’ve put my family in, I don’t deserve any sort of peace. My team doesn’t even know, and I choose to bear this burden alone.

Despite my constant internal struggle, I can’t help but notice her – Sloane Harlow. Falling for the lawyer who’s supposed to help us figure things out was never something I planned or expected.

With danger at every turn, things seem to only get worse. Missions fail, lives are in danger, and somehow, the cartel always seems to know our next move.

I can’t help but wonder…could there be a mole in the team?

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Author Bio

Author J.L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she lives with her husband and two children.

When she's not writing she loves to spend time with her family, traveling or just enjoying a night at home. One thing you might notice in her books is her love for the four seasons. Growing up on the east coast of Canada the change in the seasons is in her blood and is often mentioned in her writing.

Her books can be found in different languages around the world.

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