Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Quotable

Thursday Quotable

I love this one but always forgot to look for quotes which I'm hoping to be better at. I even have a quote journal but always forgot to use it. 

 My current read is a steamy one. 

Harem of Fangs 
by Emma Dawn 

Ally the main character in my book happens to write paranormal romance now she's living her own steamy romance. I love that her writing comes up so much. 

Preacher nodded. “Five new potential queens are offered up every one hundred years. If they are not worthy, the current queen remains in state. You are the last of the five for this period.” He paused. “As to why you, that is more complicated. Certain family bloodlines have always been drawn to the supernatural. I would guess that is also why you write what you write.”

That sort of explained Havoc in the basement, though. Not only was he someone important but he tasted good, too. My writer brain went down that side path immediately. Someone important, held against his will for ransom while Queen Cunt did whatever she pleased to his pack. “Was it always like that? Fighting between them?”

How about you? Any good lines from your leading guy to your leading lady? Maybe a favorite quote?

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