Saturday, September 2, 2017

Book Review: Dirty Royal

Title - Dirty Royal 
Author - Amelia Wilde 
Series - Dirty Series #5 
Genre - Romance 
Published - July 15th 2016 
Format - Kindle eBook
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It’ll take a real prince to tie her down. Not this a**hole. 

Alexander Caldwell only plays the part of the golden-boy prince in public. It’s not hard to enchant everyone he meets with his unforgettable body and smoldering smile. Behind closed doors? He’s a complete pr*ck who’s always ready for a fight. 

The one thing on his agenda? To f*ck as many gorgeous women as possible. 

That is, until he swipes right on stunning Jessica Reeves’ profile. 

Jessica is everything that his father, the king, would never approve of: unapologetically American; a feisty free spirit with a bedroom manner to match. 

It was supposed to be sex with no strings attached. It was never supposed to leave the States. 

Now Alec wants Jessica to be the perfect trophy princess, always ready to meet his every need. 

It’s a glitzy royal lifestyle with one huge catch: she doesn’t belong in a hoity-toity castle. And she sure as f*ck doesn’t belong to him. 

This is a full-length standalone novel with sizzling sexual encounters, an HEA, and no cliffhanger.

While Jessica may have gone to a rich school it was only due to her scholarship that she was able to attend and make a good group of friends that she stays connected to after school. Jessica isn’t perfect she has issues, including an ex or two who are less than stellar in the boyfriend department but she’s grown from the experience and when she uses the dating app it’s for nothing more than a hookup. 

Alex is on a much-needed break from the royal life arriving in New York determined to keep his true identity a secret he signs up on a dating site determined to have as many one nights as he can while taking a break. Neither one expected that their one steamy night would turn into more than just that. When they can’t move on it turns into another night out together and a blind date puts them together yet again. Things spiral out of control when Alec’s true identity comes into play and Jessica is forced to make a choice that could change her life forever. 

I’ve had Dirty Royal on my kindle for over a year but never seemed to get around to it just yet. I’m a huge fan of a billionaire who finds love with your everyday girl it just works so well. Jessica and Alec have this sizzling chemistry right from the start that transitions into the bedroom but they also have that spark outside as well. I like that the author give just enough of the bedroom to tease us but not enough to overwhelm the story it’s a perfect balance. This is my first book by the author but as I’ve purchased a few I was super curious to check it out and it doesn’t disapoint it actually exceeds my expectation. I truly loved the authors writing style shes created a captivating story with great characters and a perfect happy ever after. I’m looking forward to exploring other books by the author highly recommend checking her books out.

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