Saturday, September 2, 2017

Book Review: Bedroom Paparazzi

Title - Bedroom Paparazzi 
Author - Asami Piper 
Genre - Romance 
Published - August 2nd 2017 
Format - Kindle eBook
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Coming out of a break up is never easy, especially so for Katie Morrison who’s making waves as a swimsuit model. The paparazzi want to grab as much of her as they possibly can on her rise to stardom, and she’s drowning. 

Then she meets Jason Jackson, a bad-boy star basketball player who’s sitting out this season due to his own relationship issues and negative press. Together they hatch a plan to throw the media into a frenzy, and their steamy kiss becomes the biggest scoop of the year. 

With all the chaos in their lives, a fake relationship seems perfect. No feelings involved. Nothing physical. Nobody hurt. It was a slam dunk. 

Until the line between their fake attraction and real lust starts to blur. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other and uphold their bargain? Or will they give into their desires? 

I picked this one up based on the cover so I wasn't sure what to expect. Katie has been trying to make it big modeling, and all her work has finally paid off as she lands a cover. Everyone is talking about her but it's not all about her cover but her recent breakup. After a stressful interview, she rushes into the men's bathroom to get away from the cameras. What she finds is a basketball player who's had a tough career recently with his ex and career in the media. They decide to change their story in the eye of the media getting the heat off their past. What started out as a lie turns into more. 

I liked Katie a lot she's a sweet girl next door type who just happens to be a gorgeous model. She's not like your typical model which I found refreshing as she's very down to earth. I admit I wasn't so sure about Jason her love interest but as the book progressed he won a spot in my heart. 

I truly enjoyed Bedroom Paparazzi it's starts out as an escape from their lives but turns into a steam sweet romance. I like when my main characters have a not so pretty past it makes them a little more interesting. Ironically both of their past relationships seem to want to come back and bite them in the butt. They have this sweet chemistry which just works so well that you can't help cheering them on. I enjoyed the authors writing style it just flows from start to finish and the story was hard to put down. I even finished it in one afternoon because I had to know how it would play out. It's a really steamy book but not lacking in story. Highly recommend. 

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