Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday
Created by Pen to Paper
Each week we will share a book that has been recently added to our wishlist or has been on it for ages. A book I can't wait to add to my shelf. 
I've been working on my ebook wishlist. I have so many potential amazing books that I want to read. 

I'm always adding new books based on the cover alone to my TBR list. This week I happened across this book while looking at the new stuff coming out in the next few months. I've been reading a lot of romance lately and this one sounds amazing plus it's main character sounds super crafty with yarn. I haven't read a book by the author yet but lots of her books are on my TBR. 

Awakened Spells 
by  Logan Byrne 
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When you’re a thief trying to get by on the scraps of your labor, life is anything but easy. 

Lexa Blackmoon is a low-end magical thief with a penchant for taking things others won’t miss. An orphan haunted by the memory of her murdered parents, she lives her life just trying to get by, only looking out for herself. When a shadow mage unexpectedly confronts her and tells her she’s meant for something greater, she can’t help but feel he’s telling the truth. 

Taken to a secret resistance camp outside the city, Lexa learns that not only is she a mage, but she possesses the Mark of Merlin, a magical power greater than she’s ever dreamt of. She joins the resistance, training her powers to infiltrate the ranks of M.A.G.I.C., a magical police force tasked with cleaning up the streets from crime and keeping the magical realm a secret from normal humans. 

But when the sinister president-turned-dictator, Kiren Nightstorm, attempts to take over the realm, Lexa knows she has to hit him where it hurts: by defeating his secret crime syndicate aimed at enslaving the magical race. 

This is an urban fantasy novel with some new adult aspects, including some language and violence. This is the first in a five book series.

What's on your Wishlist?

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