Friday, June 23, 2017

Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday 

I've been wanting to do this for a while but have been putting it off. Aside from books I love cooking it's a great outlet for me. Instagram has been a fun outlet to share my book pictures but I've been adding more and more food pictures. I thought I could use my blog to share a new recipe each week which will also cause me to try new things. So we will give it a go and see how it goes. I hope it's as interesting to me as it is to you. I follow a lot of food bloggers so I have the whole list of fun ones I want to try. 

Update on my sourdough adventure. 
I've always struggled with bread it tends to be my Achilles heel. One of my summer goals is to master sourdough bread. 

I spent a week waiting for my sourdough starter to grow. 

Day 1 I started with 1 wheat and 1 white

 A few days in proved it was a growing machine 

My first loaf was ready to rise and into the oven.

Sadly it was good but flat. 

My 2nd attempt and my 2 turned to 4 

My 2nd loaf was better but not amazing 

 It was loaf 3 that was perfect. Soft inside and nice crust. 

 So much starter I ended up making sourdough pizzas for dinner. 

I attempt to make loaf style bread. it didn't work they are a little flat. However, they will make great sandwiches.  Yesterdays bread was amazing as toast with cinnamon. 

I am always looking for new recipes to try so if you have a suggestion I'd love to check it out. 

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