Friday, June 23, 2017

Book Review: Duel of Passion

Title - Duel of Passion 
Author - Madeleine Ker 
Genre - Harlequin Romance  
Published - December 1st 1990
Format - Paperback
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She remembered his exact words. "An overweight owl" was how attractive financier Kyle Hart had described Sophie when she'd put on forty pounds for her big-break film.

He'd never bothered to look beneath the exterior; she'd only been Maisie, a physically unattractive woman whose so obvious infatuation with him was laughable.

Only now, Sophie was back to her normal, slim self -- and Kyle Hart hadn't recognized the attractive woman on the beach. It was Sophie's chance to turn the tables on him -- but could she escape with her own heart intact.  

'Not exactly the well-beaten tourist track,' Sophie remarked, glancing at him.
'No.' Kyle agreed 'But it's worth it, just for the Creole cooking.' His smile glinted in the sunlight as he sliced the golden pineapple into juicy rounds. 


Sophie wants to be an actress and finally has the part to give her the push in the acting field that she needs. She just needed a transformation that will make her unrecognizable from her true self.  When she first met Kyle Hart she was infatuated with the attractive banker but overhears what he really thinks cuts to the core. Heartbroken she uses her real emotions to put them into her final scenes and as soon as the film is done she heads off to lose the weight. 

It's been over 8 long months since she had her heart broken by Kyle, and now she's ready for a much-needed vacation. Finding a Jamaican holiday on sale proves to be just what she needed and spending the days with a book on a beach is perfect for her. However, things dramatically change when the one man who hurt her has shown up on the beach. When Sophie learns that he doesn't recognize her she decides to use it to play a joke on Kyle. She just didn't expect to fall in love with him all over. When the truth comes out will he be thrilled or will revenge be on the agenda?

I like Sophie she's a sweet innocent girl who's maybe a little more nieve than she should be in her early twenties. I admit that I wasn't sure about Kyle at first because he does come off as a little vain worried so much about how beautiful she now that she looks herself again. While he was out for revenge against Sophie we can see that she means more than just a holiday fling to him by the way he's hurting and he won me over. 

I picked this one up a few weeks ago at a used bookstore and was hoping to get a chance to read it. I'm a sucker for classic Harlequin romance novels they are quick, fast-paced, just enough steamy moments and always a happy ever after. I enjoyed Duel of Passion it's an emotional rollercoaster with characters that capture the heart as well as the imagination. I admit I had a few moments that I wanted to toss the book across the room and was a little nervous that it wouldn't give me a happy ever after but it was worth the wait. Perfect for anyone needing a quick happy ever after and easy to finish in one sitting. I enjoyed the authors writing style it flows from start to finish and I can't wait to check out other books by her. 

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