Thursday, June 1, 2017

April & May Rewind 2017

April & May Rewind 2017
What happened in April & May @TRD

It was a great start to the new year with reading. 
My 2017 goal is 250 currently, I'm at 76 hoping to keep up the momentum. 
I had such a great start for the year but lost it. I hope to catch up in the next month. 

Read in May
Beast Billionaire by Mac Flynn (Review to come)
Billionaire Seeking Bride by Mac Flynn (Review to come)
More than a Grizzly by Sara Summers (Review to come)
More than a Panther by Sara Summers
More than a Werewolf by Sara Summers 
Moon Dance by J.R. Rain
Beasts and Bff's by Shannon Delany
Cursed by Jessica Sorensen  
Last Hookup by Luke Steel 
Alice in Wonderland #1 by Raven Gregory
Alice in Wonderland #2 by Raven Gregory

Read in April 

I've had a bunch of crafty projects over the last two months.
I've made a bunch of bags, bows, and started a mermaid tail for my little one. 


We are slowly growing. I've had a bunch of blueberries and a few tomato's so far. I don't think we are thriving but we will see. 

We tried a whole variety of new recipes. I also made a lot of desserts over the last couple of months. Most of them I was able to send away which makes it nice. 

June TBR
I failed at my TBR lists the last few months so this month and I'm a mood reader. I'm hoping that by making a tiny one it will make reading them all better. 

After getting behind last month I'm determined to get caught up this month. 

I hope to read more manga. I had planned one a week but I wasn't as captivated as I would have hoped by Vampire Knight. I may give it another shot this month. 

Crafty & Cooking 
I've got 5 bags to make on my list for the month. 

Steps goal 
Thanks to my nutty hound my steps fell off some lack of sleep and when I did sleep it was poor. However, I should be back in my groove as the hound starts to sleep though the night more. 

I've been slacking on these but hoping to get back in the groove. 

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Still an Instagram addict. It's been a great outlet for me. 
Stop by say hi and don't forget to follow me =D

What are your goals for the new month? 

Have a great month!!!!


  1. You had an awesome reading month! I don't personally garden but my grandma does. My son and she planted watermelons and it looks like two have grown so far, not very big of course but it was nice to see them have a little hobby together.

    I hope you have a wonderful June!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina