Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: A Week In New York

Title - A Week in New York 
Author - Louise Bay 
Series - The Empire State Trilogy 
Genre - Romance  
Published - October 21st 2014
Format - eBook
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Anna Kirby is sick of dating. She's tired of heartbreak. Despite being smart, sexy, and funny, she's a magnet for men who don't deserve her.

A week's vacation in New York is the ultimate distraction from her most recent break-up, as well as a great place to meet a stranger and have some summer fun. But to protect her still-bruised heart, fun comes with rules. There will be no sharing stories, no swapping numbers, and no real names. Just one night of uncomplicated fun.

Super-successful serial seducer Ethan Scott has some rules of his own. He doesn't date, he doesn't stay the night, and he doesn't make any promises.

It should be a match made in heaven. But rules are made to be broken.

A Week in New York is the first in a series of three novellas.


Anna needs a vacation after her last failed relationship and spending it in New York with her best friends seems to be exactly what she needs. However, when a one night stand presents itself in the form of sexy Ethan she decides as long as she has rules she won't get hurt and it might just be what she needs. Ethan has his own set of rules that he doesn't get attached and that it's just one night. Neither one is ready to walk away in the morning and what turns into a whirlwind week leaves them both not ready to let it end. Anna is returning to England which may just be the distance she needs from Ethan. 

I like Anna she's got issues, had her share of bad relationships even if she tends to be a magnet for the bad guys but she's sweet. I like Ethan he's your good guy who just happens to avoid commitments so one night stands just happens to be his escape. Anna and Ethan have this sweet steamy chemistry together while it may just be a week together deep down I can tell they won't be able to let the distance separates them.

This one has been on my kindle for years and I forgot it was there until I tried to purchase it again. I was craving a quick steamy whirlwind romance and it's exactly what it delivers. I'm not a huge fan of the player concept but I'm seeing it more and more recently in books and it works with A Week in New York. I really felt that I was able to connect with Anna because like her for a long time I was a magnet for bad relationships. I love that she didn't let it bring her down and keep going. That she was daring enough to take the chance even after everything. This is my first book by the author and I can't wait to finish the series and check out her other books. High recommend if you need a quick steamy romance. 

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