2015 Reading Challenges

I'm trying to streamline my challenge list this year.
 I had so many the last few years I wasn't able to complete them all.
 So over the next week I'll start updating this page with the new ones I plan to do. 
I am kind of a challenge addict if you can tell. 
I love the smaller single genre challenges.
I know so many but many of the books will work for multiple challenges.  
Since I didn't complete as many I feel super challenged to exceed in them all. 

2015 Reading Challenge
Created by Popsugar (Here)
This one isn't super crazy but it looks like a lot of fun with a variety of different themes. 
Several of these will pull me out of my comfort zone which I like
See my Challenge (here)

New to You! 2015
Hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup (Here)
I'm always reading new books/authors/new series. This is a new one and I think it would be perfect to push me to read new books/series/authors.
See my challenge (here)
0 of 24 complete 

New Author Challenge 
Hosted by Literary Escapism (Here)
I love the idea for this one because I'm always trying to read new authors which is the goal. 
My plan this year is only 25 new authors but that is subject to change. 
See my challenge (Here)
0 of 25 complete. 

2015 Mythology Reading Challenge 
Hosted by Lili Lost in a Book (here)
I haven't been reading many mythology books which I enjoy. So this challenge will push me to read more. 
See my challenge (Here)
0 of 10 complete

You Read How Many Books? Reading Challenge 2015
Hosted by My Book Dragon (Here)
I try to do one of these every year. As a way to push myself. 
My goal is level 2 150
See my challenge (Here)
0 of 150 complete

2015 Reading Assignment Challenge
Sign up (here)
My goal is to read 24 books 2 per month off the list 
See my Challenge (Here)
2 of 24 complete

2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge 
Hosted by Falling For YA (Here)
Goal 25 books but with potential for more. 
See my Challenge (Here)
0 of 25 complete 

2015 Witches & Reading Reading Challenge 
Hosted by Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf (here)
My goal this is to read 15 books.
See my Challenge (Here)

0 of 15 Complete

2015 Fur & Fangs Reading Challenge
Hosted by Novel Heartbeat & Phantasmic Reads (Here)
My Goal is to read as many as I can at least 24
See my Challenge (Here)
2 of 24 Complete 

2015 Debut Author Challenge 
Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl (Here)
This is my third year of doing this challenge it's also another of my favorites. 
See my Challenge (Here)
0 of 12 Complete

No Book Buying Challenge
Hosted by Second Run Reviews & Chapter Break (Here)
See my Challenge (Here)
0 of 24 Complete

2015 Reading Challenges 

This is a personal list I want to complete. 
See my Challenge (here)

Reading Challenge Addict 
Hosted by Reading Challenge Addict 
See my challenge (Here)

Book Blogger Organization Challenge
Hosted by Book Addicts Guide
See my Challenge (here)

2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge
Hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction & Shannon @ In Starts at Midnight
See my challenge (here)

2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge
Hosted by Because Reading & Trips Down Imagination Road
See my Challenge (here)

Yup I kind of have a lot of 2015 challenge super excited though. 


  1. Which Goodreads group is holding the Finish the Series challenge? I'd love to join and participate!

    Andrea Rose @ Literary Getaway

    1. So weird I never got message you posted on this or I would have gotten back to you sooner. I'm so sorry I feel horrible that it's been so long. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/group_folder/202083 The Challenge Factory the May round is getting started so sign up to be included.