2014 Reading Challenges

Last year I overloaded myself and didn't do too well. I had so many challenges that didn't line up. This year I have a bunch but I can use the same book for lots of challenges so I'm planning on completing them all. 

2014 reading goal
112 out of 200

I didn't read 200 books but I'm hoping to be able to get all 200.
Update - it's clear that real life is getting into my reading time. 
So I'm shooting for 150


Created three challenges this year that will push me to read two series I want to read. I also created my own paranormal challenge because I'm an addict.

2014 Paranormal Challenge
8 different so far

2014 Oz Challenge 
0 of 14

2014 Pern Challenge
0 of 25

Blogosphere Challenges

0 of 20 Complete

Quick Fix Challenge 
15 out of 15 Completed

Debut Author Challenge 2014

7 out of 12

Shifter Challenge 2014
11 of 10 Completed

Vampire Challenge 2014
 10 out of 10 Completed

Reading Outside the Box 2014
7 out of 25


  1. Which Goodreads group is holding the Finish the Series challenge? I'd love to join and participate!

    Andrea Rose @ Literary Getaway

    1. So weird I never got message you posted on this or I would have gotten back to you sooner. I'm so sorry I feel horrible that it's been so long. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/group_folder/202083 The Challenge Factory the May round is getting started so sign up to be included.