Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Review: Stiletto Safari

Title - Stiletto Safari 
Author - Kate Metz
Genre - Chic Lit Romance
Published - March 2012
Format - Kindle Review Copy

Zara Hamilton has it all—a glamorous New York lifestyle, a gorgeous (and seriously rich) boyfriend, and a job as a lawyer in a prestigious city law firm. But when Zara’s boyfriend is accused of insider trading, her perfect world implodes.

Thrown out of work by security and stalked by the press, Zara’s life can’t get any worse. Or can it? A snap decision (and a few wines too many) sees Zara fleeing to Africa to work as a temporary wildlife volunteer.

But just when things start to cool down at home, Zara realizes her troubles

have only just begun.

Will Zara’s designer wardrobe survive?
Will a supermodel ruin her only chance at happiness?
Can a Birkin bag really solve her problems?

And will Zara want her old life back at the end of it all…

I received this book from the author Kate. It's been on my TBR list for a while so I was really excited to get the opportunity to read and review Stiletto Safari.

This book is the story about Zara (btw I love her name) a successful young lawyer with a wonderful boyfriend who finds out that it's not all kitty cat socks and elephant ears. Suddenly Nick is arrested for insider trading and Zara is on a leave from her office. Her relationship with Nick ends abruptly when she could use him the most. In a spot of desperation after having her name cleared but forced into a sabbatical she takes up a friends suggestion to volunteer in Africa at a wildlife preserve. Zara takes off for the Africa it's not like she was expecting she meets many people who change her life inspiring her to do more to help the people of Africa.

I found the story inspiration in a way. It made me want to be a better person. Zara is so sweet and just has a good heart, you can't help loving her. The characters are well developed and described well you can't help like the sub characters. The author creates a brilliant story perfect for anyone who's like a romance novel that makes you feel go "awww." I couldn't decide what I did more I felt myself laughing through out the crazy stuff that Zara get's into and crying with things don't go as she wanted. Over all in the end I could easily see myself reading this book over and over when I want a sweet romance. I really enjoyed everything about this book it pulled me and kept my entertained through the whole story. Plus who wouldn't want to cuddle with lion cubs.

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